Cleanrooms requirements are everyday becoming more stringent. Cleansol can provide several types of insulation to solve energy conservation, condensation prevention or personnel protection applications.

We may offer conventional insulation products such as fiberglass, melamine and insulation blankets.

Some cleanrooms present more challenging situations and require a cleanroom specific insulation product; some of these situations are when there’s a need for:

◊ Non-particle generation material (to avoid contamination issues)

◊ Slim-profile to fit among highly congested piping areas

◊ Resilient foam that resist impacts and does not cracks

◊ Factory Mutual approved

◊ Fast installation time

For these specific concerns we may offer a high-purity Kynar foam called T-Tubes. This product which was developed specifically for pharmaceutical cleanrooms meets these challenges.

T-Tubes features the following advantages:

⇒ Low-profile, ¼” thick

⇒ Closed-cell foam, does not shed when cut

⇒ Resilient foam, does not crack or cave on impact

⇒ Allows for routine inspections – enables easy removals

⇒ Factory Mutual approved (Cleanroom materials & pipe chase test)

Due to the low-profile T-Tubes can cover areas that could not be insulated before, in some instances above 20% of cleanroom pipes that where to close together or valves and instruments with unconventional shapes.

T-Tubes is also installed in about half the time of conventional products, helping with aggressive project schedules.



Cleansol is a specialty contractor with services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and semiconductor industries. We offer specialty services in the areas of passivation and cleanroom insulation. We have years of experience on high purity applications and can offer the flexibility of adapt to specific customer requirements based on application needs. We at Cleansol are happy to discuss your requirements and present a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.