Cleansol provides passivation, derouging services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and semiconductor industries.

PASSIVATION is the process by which stainless steel will spontaneously form a chemically inactive or passive surface layer when exposed to air or other oxygen-containing environments. This invisible layer (chromium oxide film) covering the entire surface gives stainless steel its ability to resist stains and rust.
Passivation applications for:
  • Restoring passive films on new systems
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Special fabrications
Passivation is required to restore or enhance the chromium oxide film on the stainless steel surface when it has been manipulated by surface finishing, welding, grinding, external contamination, etc. As preventive maintenance, passivation will also help avoiding the following scenarios:
  • Lost production time in manufacturing areas
  • Scheduling issues in production
  • Cost associated with lack of maintenance


Rouging is a condition where ferrous or iron oxide layers are embedded in the surface of the stainless steel with different red tones characteristics of this condition. Derouging is the chemical process in which that red layer is removed from the system.
Derouging applications for:
  • Enhancing stainless steel condition.
  • Prepares stainless steel for proper passivation.
  • Optimization of surface cleanliness.



Cleansol is a specialty contractor with services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and semiconductor industries. We offer specialty services in the areas of passivation and cleanroom insulation. We have years of experience on high purity applications and can offer the flexibility of adapt to specific customer requirements based on application needs. We at Cleansol are happy to discuss your requirements and present a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.